Unscaled identifies the forces that are reshaping the global economy and turning one of the fundamental laws of business and society–the economies of scale–on its head.




Chapter 1

Artificial Intelligence and the Great Unscaling

20th-century principles of mass production and economies of scale are ceding to mass personalization and rentable scale.

Chapter 2

The Hundred-Year Tech Revolution

Artificial Intelligence is powering new technologies like AR, 3D Printing, CRISPR, drones, and genomics for a global rewrite of the economy.

Chapter 3

Energy and Transportation: The End of Carbon

Advanced energy and transportation systems that can help address climate change are emerging despite regulatory challenges.

Chapter 4

Healthcare: Personal Medicine and Genetic Data

Costly “sick care” is giving way to affordable, personalized, and preemptive care with genomics, sensors and AI-based digital therapies.

Chapter 5

Learning: The Lifelong Schoolhouse and Robot Tutors

Delivering self-paced and social, emotional learning for the 21st century.

Chapter 6

Finance: Money is Data

A modern banking system that levels the playing field for consumers and small businesses.

Chapter 7

Media: A Profitable Audience of One

AI-powered, addictive and biased media that is transforming news, entertainment and politics.

Chapter 8

Consumption: From Mass Markets to Atomized Markets

Mass market retail products are losing share to customized products that are affordable and convenient.

Chapter 9

Policy: The Actions We Must Take

An economy-wide policy redesign for governing artificial intelligence and platform monopolies is needed to uphold core societal values and rights.

Chapter 10

The Corporation: How to Unscale Scale

Framework for legacy corporations to thrive in the era of economies of unscale.

Chapter 11

The Individual: The Personal Enterprise in a New Era of Work

Preparing to use an entrepreneurial mindset to thrive in the unscaled workplace.


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