Churchill Club Open Forum: The New World of Work

June 28, 2018 — Join Hemant Taneja and Kevin Maney at the on a deep dive into how scale of yesteryear has transformed into the unscale of tomorrow at the stunning Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco.

Revolutionary developments in the late 19th century—steam, electricity, and the combustion engine—enabled the factory, spawning an entire century of the scaling up of businesses of all types. With the new economy and its incredible accompanying opportunities, there was also backlash that eventually led to WWI and, soon afterward, the Great Depression.

Today we see the beginnings of a ground-shaking new wave of developments, with artificial intelligence as the primary driver but also genomics, blockchain, 3D printing, nanotechnology, virtual reality, and more, coming of age. It no longer requires a big, mass-market entity to leverage these technologies, thus opening up competition to small, focused and nimble companies and individuals.

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